Racoon Removal

Raccoons are known to be dangerous to have around. They can get in through the attic spaces or chimneys and even from the plumbing mats. For the removal of raccoons, it is necessary to undertake appropriate remedies that can help in the humane remval of the raccoons. Raccoons invade our homes and can also form dens in the garage or the yard. They usually enter the homes to give birth to their young ones and there is a specific season during which time the raccoon infestations are the highest.

How to know if you have a raccoon infestation?

  • They are very noisy creatures and one is sure to become aware of their movements once they enter the house,
  • They will most likely urinate or defecate all around the house,
  • Furthermore, once the raccoons enter, it draws in other wildlife infestations as well

How do we help?

Our team at Brampton Wildlife offer dedicated and guaranteed wildlife removal services in the region of Brampton, Ontario. We have team members who are highly qualified to handle the job and who have many years of experience when it comes to the humane removal process. We aim to offer services that will help prevent any further infestation issues and will also provide tips to keep the wildlife infestations at bay. Our foremost speciality is being right on time providing services in a swift and efficient manner.