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About Brampton Wildlife

Brampton Wildlife is a locally owned and operated wildlife control organization in Brampton, Ontario.

We have a team of professionals on the job who have the necessary experience when it comes to the process of humane removal. There are special tools that are needed to conduct the removal with ease and having these state-of-the-art tools, we are able to go forward with the removal procedure as soon as required. We perform procedures that are long-lasting and guaranteed to show results when it comes to the humane wildlife removal.

What makes us unique?

At Brampton Wildlife, we employ a 3-pronged strategy when it comes to the wildlife removal process. The steps we make use of include:

Survey of the area:

Firstly, we conduct a thorough survey of the entire area with an aim to understand the seriousness of the infestation problem and we try to understand what kind of a strategy would be suitable for the removal process. We then chalk out a plan of action that will be helpful when it comes to the removal process.

Removal and control:

Next, we move on to the process of removal and control based on the plan of action. We have a team of professionals who are extremely skilled in this procedure and take every effort to make sure that the procedure is conducted with the highest precision.

Prevention and further care:

Lastly, we undertake the procedure for further prevention of the wildlife infestations and take care to make sure the same issues aren’t repeated again.

What We Do?

Squirrel removal

Squirrels can be a nuisance once they enter our households. It is important to undertake squirrel removal services as soon as possible.

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Skunk removal

Skunks are exceptional diggers and hence there are chances they might reenter the house by digging up the same space. Hence professional removal services can be a great solution.

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Raccoon removal

For the removal of raccoons, it is necessary to undertake appropriate remedies that can help in the removal of the raccoons.

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Our Work Catalogue

Areas We Serve

We at Brampton Wildlife are active in the entire region of Brampton, Ontario. We service both residential and commercial areas in the region and have been providing dedicated services to the entire region for a very long time. Our services are highly reputed because of the quality we assure when performing a procedure of removal and we take care to guarantee the best results. We take special care to form customized plans of action for each separate client we handle, given that no two infestation problem is the same.

To make sure that our services are the best in the industry, we take special care to provide only the highest quality that is expected of us. We have professionals who conduct a thorough audit of the entire region and make sure that a personalized plan of action is prepared for the removal and removal process undertaken. Apart from the best quality of service, we also provide prevention measures to prevent any further wildlife infestations.